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Why edit image data?
It is a chance add information to display alongside the images such as dimensions and prices. You also have the opportunity to catalog your images by categories such as media, genre and theme so that images may be viewed by classification. The tools of FineArtPost enable you to pick and choose which types of information you wish to use to catalog your work.

Types of image data to edit
There are several types of information that you will work with. You will probably select a subset of information that is relevant to your work.

Image information types

  • Information which will be presented to site visitors
    • Title
    • Dimensions
    • Year created
    • Media
    • Price, Sold or NFS
    • Short description
    • Long description
  • Connections between images and other site components
    • Connect image to artist
    • Connect image to exhibit
    • Connect image to consignee
  • Information used to catalog works for menus
    • Theme
    • Genre
    • Color
    • Media
    • Year created
  • Information used to facilitate the workings of the site
    • image type
      • Art: i.e. an image of an artwork
      • Web Graphic: i.e. a logo
      • Biographical: i.e. a photo of the artist
      • Process: i.e. a photo of how work was created
    • copyright status
    • offline: to temporarily remove work from site
    • check off: to keep track of which images have been