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Choosing Image Type

There are four types of images: images of art, images of the artist, images of the art making process and website graphics. At the time of uploading you will assign the image type by your choice of upload link.

Each image type will display differently to the public.

Image type Where it will be seen* what information will display with it.
images of art Art images will show up in exhibits such as the "Gallery" link (which shows all works). If you catalog the work and build menus to show the cataloging, art images will show in those pages.

title, year created, media, dimensions, price, NFS or sold, by 'artist 'name', In the collection of 'owner', short description, long description

images of the artist In artist profiles; to find a profile to edit follow this link title, link to artist profile, short description, long description
images of the art making process This image type has not been fully integrated into the system, so for now use it to sort images Same as art images.
website graphics As a part of the site structure.Once a website graphic has been uploaded you may assign a function to it on the page titled "edit the look of the site" NA

You may change the image type of a previously uploaded images in the image editing page. By default image type is not one of the visible choices on the image editing page. To make it visible click on "preferences" (a menu choice on the left) Which will lead you to a set check off boxes. Check the box for image type and then click the button at the bottom of the form.

Images may only have one type. That is you may not have an image that is both a website graphic and art. If you have such an image that you would like to use in more than one context, upload it twice and assign different types each time you upload it.

*The table above lists the most likely place where an image will appear. Please note that images of art may be shown in the artist profile and images of the artist may be shown in exhibits. The default setting however is that when assigning images to an artist profile the first choice will be images of the artist and vice versa for exhibits. If you do assign an image of an artist to an exhibit it will not display next to exhibit type information such as year created, media... Website graphics will never display in exhibits or artist profiles.