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Rebuilding the Menus

The menus presented to visitors to your site are based on the images, text items, ect. that have been uploaded to your site. If you make changes without rebuilding the menu the content of the site will be out of sync with the menus (i.e. the menu could link to something that does not exist or it could fail to link to something that exists. Please make a habit of rebuilding the menus.

Below is a fragment of a menu. The artist has chosen to catalog works by media with three categories of media. The check boxes allow you to hide menu items (unchecking a main menu item, will also hide the submenu items.) so in this case unchecking "media" would also hide "watercolor", "woodcuts" and "oils." The numbers next to menu items represent the order in which they will appear on the menu. "Media" is the seventh main menu item. The previous six are not shown (This is a fragement of a menu).


click on the question mark to see the resulting menu