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Item Function Words of advice Comment
title appears in web browser title window Be brief and descriptive

This will be one of the first things people see before they arrive at your site (i.e. when they are in google looking for a site)

keywords hidden from the public do not repeat words

Used by search engines to classify your site.

description hidden from the public One or two sentances to describe the site Used by search engines to classify your site.
text blurb whatever you choose this will appear on every page text blurb is optional (Suggested use: contact info or slogan)
e-mail   also on every page email is optional
foreground color used in menus to integrate with background color must match background Colors are specified by numbers #FFCC99 is the tan used in the above examples
background color used to extend background color must match background white is #FFFFFF
Font all text will use the chosen font choose what you like Display of font requires that the chosen font be installed in the end users computer, that's why the array of font choices is limited.
vertical background set menus appart color change should happen 175 pixels from the left edge If color change is not 150 pixels from the left edge then the background will overlap into the content
logo something to identify your site size should be no greater than 144 wide and 144 tall images larger than spec will cause the site to display improperly
small logo could be a repeat of the logo or a variation on it max 144 wide by 100 tall same as above
menu bullet a repeating graphic for each menu item 29 pixels x 29 pixels menu bullet is optional- in this case images smaller or larger could cause trouble with the display of the menus