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Editing and creating artist profiles
Please note that when you first access your site, the menu contains one artist profile. The content of this profile is drawn from the information provided at the time you registered for the site.

To edit this profile follow the link titled "Find artist profile." You may delete this profile, however it is best to edit it. This profile is considered the default artist and 'art' images are assigned this profile as the creator of that image unless specified otherwise. If you delete a profile be sure to Rebuild the menu or you will have a link that leads nowhere.

There is no limit to the number of artist profiles. In order to create a new profile, please follow these steps:

  • Follow the link to "New artist profile" and enter information about the artist.
  • Move the menu item for this profile if you wish.
  • There is a page that is reached by clicking on the main menu item "Artist Profiles." This page has a list of links showing the names of each artist. In order for the list page to have an image and or some text to describe the artist item you must specify that image and enter the text. This is done by finding the text on the Edit category info page
  • Rebuild the menu (be sure the main menu item "Artist profiles" is checked)