Marketing your art

Creating an email announcement

The good thing about Email announcements is that there is no cost to send one, however one should approach them with caution. Spam is a constant problem for everyone and if your announcement is percieved as spam it can cause problems. Even if the person receiving the announcement is someone you know you could hurt your cause if the message causes the user annoyance in one way or another.

Here is a list of the ways an email message could annoy the recipient:

  • Frequency

If you send emails too often the recipeint will find it bothersome to read through them all. In my opinion art announcements via email should be timed to coincide with a real life event such as an exhibit opening, workshop or lecture. An email annoucing 3 new paintings on your website is probably not a good idea.

With email there is little need to sort the leads by how hot they are, because email is basically free. But there are some important things to consider when preparing an email announcement and there is some follow up work to do it properly. If you don't do an email announcement right it can be treated as spam.







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