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Hiding the recipient list of an email (Bcc)

If you are sending an email announcement to a group of people, you will want to hide the list of names and addresses of those receiving the email. This is also known as Bcc or Blind Carbon Copy.

There are several reasons to do this. The recipient list will be at the top of your message so if someone wants to read what you have written, they will have to scroll past the list of names first. Many people may not bother to do so. Another reason is that the person who gave you their email address may not want you to give that address to others. I have seen addresses get spread around this way and you do not want to be the person to be blamed for someone else getting spam. The final reason is aesthetic. All those names and addresses make your message look ugly.

Mac OS X Mail

  • Select Edit | Add Bcc Header from the Mac OS X Mail menu.
  • Alternatively, hit Command-Shift-B.
  • Type the recipient's email address in the Bcc: field.

Outlook Express

  • Select View from the message's menu.
  • Make sure All Headers is checked.
  • Type the recipient's email address in the Bcc: field.


  • In the To: (or CC:) field, enclose the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s). For example:(AOLMember1, AOLMember2, AOLMember3)
  • Recipients of the email see thier own address but not the names of any other recipients of the email.
    • In this example, AOLMember1, AOLMember2, and AOLMember3 will each see their
      name on the e-mail they receive, but not the names of the other two recipients.
  • As the sender of the e-mail, you will always see all names on the e-mail (even those who received blind carbon copies)






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