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Creating an email signature

Including a link to your website in every email you send.

You may have seen links at the bottom of emails you receive, companies will often include a link to their website.

This is an ideal way to make people aware of your site. Presumably the people reading your email are people who know you which makes them ideal candidates for marketing. The idea behind an email signature is to give people reading your message the opportunity to see your site if the impulse should strike them.

It is considered good netiquette to keep your signatures short, usually under 6 lines, Really one or two lines is enough. Overly long signatures in emails are an annoyance.

You can check exactly what your email looks like with a signature by sending an email to yourself. .

Many email programs in use allow one to set up a signature that can be used on all emails. The following links have instructions on how to add a signature in specific email programs. Some email programs will allow you to attach signatures to some emails and not to others, or to select from a set of different signatures that you've prepared for different audiences
Outlook Express
Mac OS X Mail








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