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About Preparing images for your FineArtPost site

The intent of FineArtPost is to enable artists to have a high quality site. The quality of the images is an important factor. They must be well photographed and it is very likely that some pre-processing of the images must also be done. This is an area where the help of a professional may be very useful. I will not offer advice about photographing art here since there are books devoted to the subject. What follows are specific tips about pre-processing of digital images for use on a FineArtPost site.

The following procedures are likely to be necessary

  • Cropping
  • Color correction
  • Resizing of image

Notes about resizing:
At the time of uploading the images are automatically resized and thumbnails are created, however there are several reasons to resize your images prior to uploading.

Maximum file size 1MB
The server will not accept files over one megabyte in size. Attempting to upload files larger than one megabyte in size will fail.

Speeding the upload
FineArtPost has set a maximum image size of 650 pixels for the largest dimension of an image. Images that exceed that size will be resized to conform to the maximum. Thus uploading a larger image will give no increase in quality and will increase the time spent uploading the image.

Choosing a smaller Maximum image size
As screens get larger and modems get faster it becomes practical to view larger images. However some artists feel that there is a danger in presenting large images on the internet. Specifically the danger that someone could pirate their works and make use of them without permission.

By reducing the size of your images prior to uploading, one can restrict the size to something smaller than the maximum size. For example if you felt safer presenting your work at maximum size of 400 pixels. Then resize the works to that size prior to uploading them.

If you need professional image preprocessing FineArtPost recommendsEmill.com Their prices are competitive and they are familiar with FineArtPost.